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Month: November 2010

Winter Bouldering on Dartmoor

The winter is defiantly here now, ice and snow on Dartmoor but this morning it was clear and blue and perfect for a quick circuit around Hound Tor, and quick boulder at Bonehill rocks just down the road. Some of the boulder problems in the shade were a tad frosty but it was great in the sun. I’m hoping to do some winter climbing later this coming week, which would make quite a contrast to today’s rock...

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Scottish Winter Climbing Photos

I was having a quick browse through some photos from last years winter climbing and thought I’d upload a few to a gallery. I had a few trips last year, mostly mixed climbing but with some great low level ice as well, it was so cold there were quite a few routes formed that hadn’t been in condition for years. One of the most memorable days was in Glen Coe, where we climbed an ice route on the south side of the Anoach Eagach ridge called “Blue Riband”. It was about 400m in length with the crux grade V, 5 pitches at the start and then mellowing out into alpine type terrain right up to the ridge line, where we topped out into the setting sun, perfect. [nggallery...

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Lead climbing coaching at Sheeps Tor

Another day out on the moor with Sara today, we headed to Sheeps Tor for a few more lead climbs and a spot of rope work practice. It started off warm and sunny this morning but by lunchtime it had clouded over and the temperature dropped making it pretty cold on the hands for rock climbing. We did a bit of rope work practice, looking at belay setups and gear placements before one last climb to bring the total climbs up to six for the day, and ten for the two days total. Not bad...

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Bouldering on Dartmoor at Bonehill

After work (see older post) I nipped over to Bonehill Rocks on Dartmoor for a quick boulder in the nice weather. The rock was still a bit damp in places but all the good boulder problems were dry, and clean after the rain yesterday. I was keen to climb with someone, and all the usual partners were at work or busy so I was expecting to climb on my own for a quick session, but there was a few other people around so I wandered around climbing with different people or problems I hadn’t done before which was great....

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Lead Climbing Instruction at the Dewerstone

Today was a great autumnal day in Dartmoor, cold and crisp to start but warming up with blue skies and sunshine heating the rock after all the rain we’ve been having over the last few days. We were at the Dewerstone on Dartmoor today where Sara was working on her lead climbing technique in preparation for her P.E A-level next year. We had a short amount of time so we got on the climbs right away and managed to get four routes completed during the morning around the shorter side of the Dewerstone, on the single pitch routes. Sara...

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