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Month: December 2010

Dachstein Off Piste – Austria Skiing

Well the weather’s gone from being mild and melting to the opposite end of the spectrum – freezing cold. The past few days has been great with a little new snow and some great skiing around Schladming and the Dachstein Glacier. The Dachstien was one of the main reasons we wanted to come to this region of Austria. It has some great skiing at quite a high altitude (for Austria) and lots of possibilities for off piste runs away from the lift. We had a little low level ski tour on Christmas day and then on boxing day we...

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Mixed up climbing on bolts – Austria

It’s great to get out and do something during Christmas, and today on the eve of Christmas it was the perfect time to try something new. The weather’s gone a bit warm over the last couple of days, yesterdays skiing was exremely soft and sticky off piste which was hard work but good practice. Today it was +4 degrees at 1000m and far too warm for our intended ice climb and we didn’t fancy skiing again so we headed to a local crag for a spot of mixed climbing. There was no ice potential at all today so we...

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Austria Ski Touring

Emma, Lorainne and I fancied a quick ski tour today. We were a little short of time and the snow conditions were going to be pretty soft and heavy with the rising freezing level so we headed up a little valley on a summer vehicle track to see how far we could get. It was good to get out and explore and give the dog some exercise. Check out the little video clip to see how useful he can be, almost essential ski touring equipment I...

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Ice Climbing in Austria – Schalmading

Yesterday we had a great afternoon getting back into the ice climbing on a good little training climb not far from the road. The ice was a little damp in places, in fact it was running with water in several spots which meant we had to pick the line to climb to stay dry. It was good to swing my new black diamond ice tools into proper ice as well – so far so good. The climb was in the Obertal valley near Schalmading in the Schladminger Tauern region of Austria. I was climbing with Andy Leivers who’s one...

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