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Month: July 2011

Chudleigh and Anstey’s Cove Climbing

The weather cleared up at last this weekend, so headed out for a couple of chilled out days climbing. Saturday at Chudleigh, and today at Anstey’s Cove. Not the best conditions for climbing harder routes but it was great to be out trying them anyway. Here’s a few photos from the weekend, thanks to Nick, Nick and Pa for the climbing and banter. [nggallery...

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Dartmoor Running

More fantastic weather for running on Dartmoor this evening. A bit warm for climbing, and the arms needed a rest anyway. Running shoes and a ruckack with a jacket, map, water first aid and my camera of course. Here’s a photo from the top of Sittaford Tor looking out towards Fernworthy...

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Bouldering at Combestone Tor

Had a satisfying boulder after work yesterday at Combestone Tor, which is a little tor just above Hexworthy on Dartmoor. It’s not got a huge amount of climbing but the problems are good and it’s conveniently right next to the road! Thanks to Henry and Kate for the company – it gave me opportunity to test my new camera as...

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Cloud Watching – A fronts on it’s way.

I’ve been taking photos today in preparation for another “Active Dartmoor” article on weather. We’ve got a front on the way across the south-west and some classic pre-frontal clouds. These Cirrus Clouds over Bellever Tor are often the first pre-frontal clouds on a Warm or often an Occluded Front. I took these at around 10.30am. It was a fantastic evening on the moor, and these Altocumulus clouds are always amazing in a sunset. The front is fairly close at this point (around 8.30pm) so we’ll be getting progressively thicker clouds during the night, with rain by dawn. That’s my...

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White Life – almost. Kind of.

Today was the day I tried a route I’ve been saving for about six years. “White Life” at Chudleigh in Devon is an E5 6b that splits off from a classic E4 that I’ve done a few times before. Steep fingery limestone on a south facing sunny crag. Putting off routes for another time is an easy thing to do. Waiting for the right conditions, fitness and a hundred and one other things. It also has a reputation of being a tricky route, despite the well protected climbing. A few friends of mine had tried to onsight the route and fallen off or rested on the rope and I was keen to get it first time, no falls or rests. So there I was on a Friday afternoon after a long weeks work (here come the excuses) down at Chudleigh with Matt wondering what I was going to climb. Chris was there bouldering, and he suggested I should finally get on White Life, and stop mucking around. Actually I thought White Life would be a good test, I’ve got a long tick list of routes to climb and you’ve got to find your form before you launch on more serious climbs on the sea cliffs. After Matt despatched Machete Wall as a good warm, I geared up and psyched up, and climbed to the first fixed gear and found...

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