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Month: September 2013

Memories of an Alpine Summer

It’s been a great summer out in the Alps, where I’ve just completed my first season working as a Aspirant British Mountain Guide. Working alongside other guides has been great, a opportunity to share ideas and pick up top tips from the old pro’s! The alps is a diverse place, I’ve had days on busy peaks such as the Matterhorn where your having to queue and wait your turn, as days where we haven’t seen anyone else in the entire valley, let alone on the mountain itself. As always, its the folk I’ve taken out on the hill that...

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Performance Lead Climbing Course – Swanage

Sorry for a very belated Blog Post, it has been a very busy time for us down in Devon.  Here’s a trip report from Matt who was climbing at Swanage with Chris a couple of weeks ago. Last day of summer at Swanage I spent the last couple of days of the summer holidays and what turned out to be the last days of summer climbing with VF regular Chris Dove. Chris who has had no chance to climb over the holidays was super keen to get out on the rock to test out a couple of new bits...

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