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Month: February 2016

Deep winter touring in Switzerland

Decisions, decisions. Where to go? And where to stay? Even before the week’s tour began I was racking my brain and re-checking the weather forecast every few hours in the hope it had changed again. It was chucking down with snow and turning our intended Western Oberland tour into an unlikely proposition. I was working for Frost Guiding, on another winter room trip – i.e. early season ski touring in the high mountains, staying in refuge’s that hadn’t opened yet, but staying in the ever open “winter rooms” I also had my fittest ever group, and the pressure was...

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Exploring the Swiss end of the Aiguille Rouge

Last time I saw Niall we were summer mountaineering, so it was quite a contrast to be out ski touring with him, brother Stewart and their friend Neil. When we met up my legs were still aching from the European Championship race from the day before. But with a second coffee, and constant snacking I soon forgot the fatigue! We headed over the border into Switzerland to explore the area near the Bel Oiseau. We had a hot tour on the south facing slopes, gaining almost a thousand meters to the col. We avoided the obvious Bel Oiseau which...

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