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Month: November 2016

How to become a Mountain Guide – Redbull interview

What’s it like being a Mountain Guide? The training, the work and the dangers… All the usual questions I’m asked by new clients when we go out. Answering them in a short format is a little bit nerve wracking, as it would be easy to give the wrong impression about the hazards and risks, but hopefully the answers relect the fact that there’s always risks, it’s about managing them contantly. Last month I had a Q&A session with journalist Ellie Ross on what it’s like working as a mountain guide and what sort of training is required. The result...

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Mountaineering and Ski Touring Fitness levels

Assessing your physical fitness before a big mountaineering objective is difficult but crucial. In this blog post we aim to give you some levels to aim for to match your objective and current fitness levels. Completing a challenging mountain objective requires a few key ingredients; Conditions Weather Technical ability Endurance Fitness Mental toughness You can’t do much about the conditions and weather, but you can do a lot of preparation to improve your technical ability, endurance and mental toughness. The first thing to do is assess your current fitness level with the requirements of the climb or ski tour....

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What level of skier am I?

Trying to gauge your own ski ability is pretty tricky, and it does depend on who you compare yourself to! We have split our ability benchmarks into five sections, and although there is some overlap you should be able to slot yourself in somewhere. The grades take into account experience as well, just because you’ve skied one powder run it doesn’t mean your ready to jump up to the next level! Under each section there are examples of trips that might be suitable for you, but you should contact us to discuss that further. Rest assured that we always...

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