What’s it like being a Mountain Guide? The training, the work and the dangers… All the usual questions I’m asked by new clients when we go out.

Answering them in a short format is a little bit nerve wracking, as it would be easy to give the wrong impression about the hazards and risks, but hopefully the answers relect the fact that there’s always risks, it’s about managing them contantly.

Last month I had a Q&A session with journalist Ellie Ross on what it’s like working as a mountain guide and what sort of training is required.

The result is now up on the Red Bull website here.

For some more information on the British Mountain Guides scheme, which includes all the relevant training information, surf through to the BMG’s website.

For the photos on the Redbull website:

  1. Descending the Aiguille du midi Arete
  2. Out ski touring at Combloux (near Chamonix) in less than ideal conditions
  3. Nearing the summit of the Matterhorn with Rob
  4. Crevasse rescue practice (I’m behind the camera, ignore the caption)
  5. Skiing between seracs/crevasses, after summiting Mont Blanc