An equipment list for Ski Tourers

You can always tell an experienced ski mountaineer by their rucksack, especially on longer tours. A light rucksack means you will move faster and more efficiently, and on a long hut to hut tour, dropping a few kilos from your back can have a big effect.

Basically, drop all the luxuries and listen to the advice of your guide when it comes to clothing. Ditch the book, PJ’s and cuddly toy – go light and fast!

Clothing – for both heat and sun protection as well as colder early morning starts.

Clothing will need to vary according to the time of year. Below is a suggestion for milder spring touring. In general you will want to avoid bulky downhill skiing jackets, mountaineering style layering is much more flexible and generally lighter.
Long sleeved thin thermal top

Micro fleece
Soft shell jkt/ gore Tex
Insulated top – medium weight
Soft shell trousers to fit ski boots
Light weight gore Tex over trousers, for bad weather and warmth.

Head, Hands and Feet

Buff – sun hat – warm hat (All three are fairly essential).
Thin uphill gloves
Warm downhill gloves (mitts?)
Cat 3-4 sunglasses
Sun tan cream and lip balm A high factor 50 is best.
Helmet. (An optional item, but recommended)

Technical Equipment

Most of the following can be hired directly from us, we have a range of very good, lightweight ski touring equipment.

Climbing harness
“Cow’s tail” plus spare crab for harness
Ice axe
Ski crampons – to fit bindings, hire shop should supply.
35 – 45 ltr rucksack – the Arcteryx Khamski 38 works very well.
“Not a platypus” water bottle 1 ltr – Nalgenes are bombproof

Bits and Bobs for Multi-Day Tours

Blister compeed kit/Very small first aid kit. We have the emergency stuff, you need the personal kit to look after your feet.
Hut clothes – spare socks, spare thermal top. That’s it.
Tooth brush
Wet wipes – just a couple.
Hand gel
Head torch – Petzl
Phone charger – optional.
Head phones
Sleeping bag liner – a silk liner is compact and lightweight. Compulsory in most huts.
Cash for huts – for small purchases, and normally for the main bill as well.

Things to avoid bringing

It’s nice to have luxuries but it’s even nicer to have a light rucksack, both for the uphill and the downhill sections!
Soap, shampoo, hairbrush etc etc. Most huts don’t have showers

Hardback Book – a kindle or small book is fine, although think carefully how much you’re actually going to read it. I prefer a pair of headphones and a podcast.
Towel – see shower comment.
Spare clothes – It’s not the Duke of Edinburgh scheme. Don’t fall in a stream!
Sleeping bag – The huts have blankets/Duvets.
Trainers/hut shoes – The huts have a good supply of crocs.