I’ve been using this for: A couple of weeks

Where?: Valley cragging and walking

Website: http://www.gooutdoors.co.uk/trekmates-flameless-cook-flask-p195314

This unusual camping mug uses a chemical heatpack to heat it’s contents. There’s no flame, or carbon monoxide so the idea is that it’s super safe, people can use it inside their tents etc.

(the instructions do say to use it in well ventilated areas though)

I was sent one to test, so far I’ve used it a few times whilst out in the valley doing some climbing.

Good Stuff:

This is a really well made product, it feels solid and I’d say it’ll last a good ages.

It does heat the liquid to a good temperature. It works!

It’s simple, you could give this to a right numpty, and they’d probably be able to have a hot drink.

Lightweight – officially 214g. Which is quite a bit lighter than even a light stove, gas can, pot and mug.

Convenient, you can have this in the rucksack with your coffee stuffed inside it and if you fancy a quick brew… Voila!

Not so good bits:

It doesn’t boil your water. I mean, it does make it pretty hot but if you want to purify some water for drinking then you’ll have to drop some chemicals in there instead.

This is definitely a solo flask, you have to do two rounds if you’ve got a friend with you.

The heatpacks work out at about a £1 each, one heat pack will make one brew.

It does feel a little odd using the heatpacks, which you then have to throw away afterwards. Not quite sure how that compares with gas from an environmental perspective, I’d have to do some nerdy research.


For someone new to camping or cooking outdoors, who wants a one off or occasional cup of soup then it’s brilliant.

If your son or daughter is doing some DofE or similar event  then I’d say get them a proper stove and teach them how to use it safely.

Trekmates Flameless Cook Flask Review