The nights are drawing in rapidly now, especially with the clocks having just gone back as well so it was time last night for a quick trip to a local climbing wall after work.

We’ve got three options for local walls on Dartmoor – the Barn, Dart rock and the South West Bouldering wall which I where I headed last night.

Two local climbers, Finn and Matt have taken on the wall as something of a project, seeing as it hadn’t had a decent clean and general sort out for about five years. The wall is fairly small, and as the name suggests only caters for bouldering but there’s a fair bit of wall to climb on, and everything from easy warm up’s for beginners to some pretty hard boulder problems for the regulars.

The boys have done a great job, it’s a much better wall to climb in already with a new access door having been created and a bit of re-painting as well. The bouldering itself has been completly re-set with boulder problems and grades on every panal rather than a radom set of holds everywhere like previous years. This has left the wall looking much cleaner and bare and is quite different from many walls which are often cluttered.

As long as there’s a good reset of bouler problems every month or so it’ll continue to draw plenty of local climbers. Well worth a visit I reckon, stay strong over the winter!

Here’s a link to their website which isn’t quite up and running yet, but is coming soon i here!

There’s a facebook group as well with more details, photo’s etc: