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Off Piste Skiing...

Ski off piste in Chamonix, Megeve and Courmayeur with one of our experienced IFMGA mountain guides.

Chamonix is a world renowned ski area for its off piste and ski mountaineering. The height interval between the lifts is huge, with the potential to ski many different aspects depending on the snow conditions and routes

There really is something for everyone, with easily accessed mellow slopes for first time off piste skiers, through to extreme couloirs for the highly experienced….

We tailor each day to the ability and desires of our clients, whilst taking into account current snow conditions and avalanche hazards. Generally our maximum group size is six, but that depends on our objectives for the day. Send us an email or give us a call and we’ll put a day together for you.

All of our clients must have an avalanche transceiver, shovel and probe, we begin each day or course with a quick introduction to these essential tools, as well as talking through our avalanche hazard awareness for that days skiing.

If you don’t have avalanche gear yourselves you can hire that through us, we have the latest, up-to-date gear.

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Our off piste freeride ski weeks are based in Chamonix with neighbouring resorts such Courmayeur in Italy and Saint Gervais/Megeve. These are all great resorts, with a large variety of runs including trees, bowls and long “itinerary” descents.

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We also schedule other trips running throughout the season. Check out our Can You Buy Valium Over The Counter Uk

Ski the Valley Blanche with us

The Vallee Blanche is probably the most famous off piste ski run in the world. Up to 22km of spectacular glacial skiing from the top of the Aiguille du Midi above Chamonix right into the town itself, after 2700m of descent.

For more information see our dedicated Buy Roche Diazepam Online page.

How good a skier I do I need to be?

Whatever your ski ability, we will tailor your off piste adventure to suit you. From first time off piste, through to expert skiers wanting to access spectacular terrain.

This isn’t a ski lesson, we will obviously give you some tips, but is about traveling around some great off piste terrain safely and finding some good snow. Our maximum ratio is one guide to four skiers, giving you a more personal experience and lots more skiing than if you were in a large group.

Thanks Ben for possibly the best day off piste powder skiing in 20 years…Just awesome thank you, when can I come back?!!
- Sally - Chamonix 2016

Why ski with Vertical Frontiers?

Skiing with a mountain guide allows you to ski good safe snow. Mountain guides can also work on glaciers (unlike ski instructors) so you can experience some of the best terrain the mountains have to offer. If you want a specific ski lesson then you should book an instructor, but if you can ski to the side of the piste and want to try some more challenging terrain, or your an experienced off piste skier who wants to explore thenIFMGA hiring a mountain guide is the thing to do.

We are passionate skiers and during the winter log a fair amount of time on skis, off the lifts, and ski touring as well. Skiing is our number one priority in the winter. The mountaineering gear gets put away until the summer as searching out the best conditions for the weather and clients is satisfying, and great fun! All our guides are fully qualified IFMGA mountain guides and all are english speaking. Most are British and are members of the British Mountain Guides Association.

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The skimo race season is finally over, and although I’m still ski guiding for a couple more […]
  • Brand Name Valium Buy
    The area above the Tre la Tete and Conscrits huts is one of my favourite “ski Mountaineering” […]
  • 3 days ago

    Waist deep at the midi today.
    Getting acclimatised for a week of 4000m peaks. Looks like a few powder turns and trail breaking ahead.

    #verticalfrontiers #alpinism
    #skitouring #skiuphill
    #skiseason #chamonixmontblanc
    #britishmountainguides @ Chamonix, France
    ... Lortab Generic Valium Buy Diazepam

    Buy Valium Sweden

    Nice to get sent photos from other groups out on the hill. This one is of us leaving the Conscrits refuge in April, on route to the Domes du Miage.
    Packing for some spring ski-mountaineering next week. The aim is to tick off a few 4000m peaks around Saas Fee. #ski #guide
    ... Lortab Generic Valium Buy Diazepam

    Order Valium Online Uk

    Finally got around to a blog about the Mezzalama race last month. Nothing but good memories now, depsite all the pain during the actual event!
    Buy Diazepam 2Mg Online Uk
    ... Lortab Generic Valium Buy Diazepam

    Online Apotheek Valium

    Love a bit of trail breaking. Mostly knee deep, apart from the waist deep bits today.

    Super glad I left the snow shoes in the car. Wouldn’t have got the same workout using those.

    Thanks to @jussieverest for the 📷 & post climb 🍕

    #verticalfrontiers #mountaneering
    #alpinism #chamonix
    ... Lortab Generic Valium Buy Diazepam

    Buy Valium London

    Big boot big glove climbing in the rain. Weird that we were the only people climbing outdoors this morning.

    #training #mountaneering
    #verticalfrontiers #alpinism
    #chamonix #chamonixmontblanc
    ... Lortab Generic Valium Buy Diazepam

    Buy Valium Edinburgh

    Snowy ridge bimbling - good climbing in Italy with obligatory coffee stop at the Torino hut.

    Having fun introducing Jussi to the European alpine climbing scene. The last mountain Jussi climbed took over ten days just to get to base camp. So 30mins in a cable car is a revelation.

    #verticalfrontiers #mountaneering
    #alpinism #guide
    ... Lortab Generic Valium Buy Diazepam

    Buy Roche Valium Diazepam 10Mg

    Out on the trails for the first longer run of the season. Running with Ollie in the 3 hour @running_up_for_air Chamonix event.

    Legs a bit slow on the downhill and flat after the ski season. But good to be out and enjoying the team psyche.

    #chamonix #trailrunning
    @running_up_for_air @patagonia
    ... Lortab Generic Valium Buy Diazepam

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    We are open for enquires 7 days a week all year, we check and respond to emails once a day during the high season

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