Baggy Point sea cliff climbing


Baggy point is a collection of sea cliffs on the north devon coast near barnstable.

Many of the popular cliffs at baggy are slabs and are great for a first taste of sea cliff climbing. This time the waves and wind were against us – a 7ft swell and westerly winds of around 40 miles an hour gave us some very exciting conditions! The bottom part of many of the routes were wet from the spray so we tried to stay high and avoid a dunking.

Three cliffs and eight climbs later it was time to call it a day, all three slabs visited, abseils, wave foam and spray and big grins all round. We stayed dry but had been battered by the wind and sun – eight climbs at baggy is a lot of climbing.

Have a browse through the following photos from the day.

Scrattling Zawn, Baggy Point

The wind was really howling accros the top of the first couple of climbs. Easy climbing though, and in a spectacular location. Guy is about to climb, and thats our abseil rope on the right