This weekend I was joined on Dartmoor by an old VF client, Tommi and his new climbing partner Jamie, both from over the boarder in Cornwall and both ready for a couple of hard days climbing.

We met at the Dewerstone, an impressive wall of granite found in an ancient wooded valley. Tommi was keen to be self reliant and able to lead confidently by the end of the weekend and Jamie was up for the challenge! We kicked off with a couple of classics; ‘Mucky Gully’ and ‘Central Groove’ then it was time for Tommi to get on the ‘sharp end’.  He started with ‘Colonel’s Arete’ an excellent 4 pitch expedition, with enough time to squeeze in a top rope session on ‘Leviathan’. With sore arms and empty bellies, the boys headed off for a night under the stars, luckily the weather, as always in Devon, was fantastic.

On Sunday we headed for Sheeps Tor, a slab of vertical granite split by cracks of all shapes and sizes. After one quick warm up Tommie was back on the ‘sharp end’ leading in succession; ‘Sheltered Crack’, ‘Slab Route’, ‘Omega Crack’ and ‘Barking Crack’. Four exceptional first leads by Tommie considering I have seen several experienced climbers fail to complete some of these. Not forgetting an outstanding weekend of climbing by Jamie considering he had never even climbed before!

All in all a fantastic weekend of climbing, company and weather on some of Dartmoor’s finest granite – the finest of all!

Tommi Leading with Jamie belaying

Tommi Leading on Barking Crack with Jamie belaying

Tommi leading on Barking Crack

Tommi leading on Barking Crack

Jamie seconding

Jamie seconding on Omega Crack