After a good initial snow fall, we had a month of blue skies and dry conditions here in Chamonix.

I had two days ski touring with father and son team Dominic and Oli, and at first I was scratching my head wondering where I was going to find some good snow for them. Just prior to them arriving I went to the Grand Montet for some uphill training and to check conditions.

As the top bin was still shut you could tour up the glacier to access some unskied snow, which turned out to be soft as well! I had a good couple of laps and a couple of days later Dominic and Oli enjoyed the soft snow as well. In fact, they enjoyed it so much we went back again on their last day in the valley, going right to the top of the resort (lift still shut) before skiing some virgin snow all the way to the Argentiere glacier below.

Ski Touring Chamonix

Nice Couloir before the glacier

Nice Couloir before the glacier

Local knowledge is a wonderful thing!