This spring we are organising a weekend ski touring trip to the 4000m Grand Paradiso in Italy. The Grand Paradiso is an excellent ski peak, and we will aim to make a traverse of the mountain, starting from the Chabod and skiing past the Emmanuele refuge on the descent.

There is plenty of snow on the Italian side of the range this year, and we are keen for one last trip on the skis!

The mountain refuge shuts on the 9th May, so the plan is to use the excellent winter room at the Chabod refuge, which has it’s own wood burning stove and gas, plus plenty of beds and blankets.

Grand Paradiso Itinerary
Meeting in Chamonix early on the 13th May and then driving through the Mont Blanc tunnel to Italy. As a short warm up and to kick start the acclimatisation, we will head up the Helbronner lift for a short ski tour and coffee at the Torino refuge.
Then we drive into the Grand Paradiso park before a walk/skin up to the hut, which will take around 2.5 hrs.

That will be a mixture of dry paths and snow, so we might take trainers to keep the feet in good condition.

Sunday 14th morning – up early for the ascent. Normally five – six hours depending on conditions. Always a bit of boot packing on the icy section, and obviously on the summit ridge as well.

The plan is to be back in Chamonix for around four o’clock or so.

If you’re interested, then get in touch using the form at the bottom of the page.

Price will be around £310 per person, plus lift pass and a contribution to the dinner fund! Maximum of four skiers.