Matt, Emma and I went for an optimistic walk into Sneachda this morning, passing a few teams who had turned back after just a few minutes walk. Never a good sign….

It was a bit better once we were in the Coire itself, we headed to the Mess of Pottage and climbed a good combination of the message, before a quick abseil to access the Hybrid which took us to the same abseil station and a finish up the message. Does that make sense? Anyway, about 6 pitches of climbing with some good spindrift getting blown off the top of the crags by the southerly wind.

Plenty of small cornice’s being formed at the top of Sneachda, the gullies are rapidly being filled up, not that you’d want to go near them at the moment.

Matt leading the excellent top pitch of the Message, hero hooks!

Emma looking cold but cheerful.

Matt walking on top of the raised footprints on the walk out. Plenty of scouring going on at the moment.

The moon over Sneachda.