There’s plenty of expeditions on the go at the moment.

Matt Helliker and Jon Bracy are new routing in Alaska on the Moonflower Buttress. They have a good blog written by their cameraman at basecamp. British Moonflower Expedition. It looks like a great line and a highly technical route, looking forward to the photos when they get back down to the glacier.

A colleague of mine Zac Poulton is guiding on Everest for Adventure Peaks. They are on the north side and are currently waiting for good weather.

George Atkinson is on the same expedition and is hoping to complete his seven summits bid on Everest. He’s done the other six, including Aconcagua and Denali with myself over the past few years. George is sixteen years old so if he summits he’ll be the youngest person to hold the seven summits record. He’s updating his blog every now and again here.

Ueli Steck is a swiss alpinist famous for soloing hard north faces in the Alps in record times. His time for the 1938 route is something like 2hr30mins. Super impressive. He’s on an extended expedition to the Himalaya, where he’s already summited the 8000m mountains Shismapagma and Cho Oyu. He’s just got to the ABC camp on the north side of Everest so I guess he’s heading up there as well. Here’s his blog.

Enjoy the reading.