Ah well. You can’t do much about the weather.

After fine weather during the preceding week, and good weather and conditions for the first PDG race start it didn’t quite work out for us. Misha, Ivor and I travelled over on the Friday to Zermatt, got our kit checked, ate a ton of food and got our heads down for any early evening.

It was going to be the big last race of the season. The PDG gets lots of hype, it’s the classic sought after event, Zermatt to Verbier. 4000m of ascent and 53km of horizontal travel.

Our start time was 00:15, and we needed to be at the start 45mins before that. So it wasn’t going to be much of a sleep. Just before setting his alarm, Misha read a text from fellow competitor and friend Alison. The race had been postponed, and so were we up for a beer?

There was much talk that evening amongst all the competitors about weather forecasts and breaks in the snow storm. The writing was on the wall though, and sure enough after breakfast the next morning we heard that they had cancelled all together.

It wasn’t a surprising decision really. With so many people trying to ski tour across some very high altitude glaciers, with a lot of fresh snow and cold temperatures the organisers have to be pretty conservative.

Next race is 2018. Will try again then.

As a bonus, we did get on the TV! Not that I was aware of it at the time, hence my gormless staring into the distance expression.


Misha and Ivor comparing skin length.

Misha and Ivor comparing skin length.

All ready, but no where to go :(

All ready, but nowhere to go πŸ™