Fresh snow overnight here in Chamonix.

Queued for the Brevant lift, deserted run back down to Chamonix, then four laps off the Midi lift from the Plan d’Aiguille. 5000m of descent on light powder snow. Such, good, fun.

I learnt a new phrase as well – “White Roomed” i.e. there’s a load of powder snow in your face, the clouds closed in and it’s snowing. It’s a white out basically.

I did get white roomed a few times, which resulted in a good crash into a wind scoop that I’d been warned about one minute previously. There were a few growlers about as well, my skis took a battering (again) but it could have been worse.

Finally took my slr camera for a ski, why I haven’t got around to doing this sooner I don’t know.



IMG_2580 IMG_2586_1


Me!:IMG_2599 IMG_2605_1 IMG_2610_1