Sorry for a very belated Blog Post, it has been a very busy time for us down in Devon.  Here’s a trip report from Matt who was climbing at Swanage with Chris a couple of weeks ago.

Last day of summer at Swanage

I spent the last couple of days of the summer holidays and what turned out to be the last days of summer climbing with VF regular Chris Dove. Chris who has had no chance to climb over the holidays was super keen to get out on the rock to test out a couple of new bits of gear and see if all the training over the summer had paid off, it had we hit the ground running.

Performance Lead Climbing Course - Swanage


Swanage, Subluminal, Freda Area

Most of the climbing at Swanage presents an immediate problem, getting to the bottom of the climbs, safely. So we spent the morning focusing on setting up safe and appropriate abseils and Chris’s attention to detail really showed through.  In no time at all we were atop the wave washed platform that allows access to this area, in one piece and ready to climb. A little bit of a warm up on First Corner and it was time to hand over the sharp end. Pedestal Crack was first on the list quickly followed by Pedestal Chimney, a little bite to eat and we finished the day on Second Corner.

Performance Lead Climbing Course - Swanage

Swanage, Cattle Troughs, Hangover Area

Today was all about pushing Chris out of his comfort zone and pushing him on to a harder grade, so we headed for the Cattle Trough. Chris was in charge of getting me down the cliff safely; he quickly set the abseil up and found his way to bottom of our first climb, Chockney VD 4a. This was Chris’ first technically graded climb but you would not have known it, he followed this by sailing up the slightly bold for the grade Inspiration S 4a and Consolation S 4a, we then finished the day with the slightly more relaxing climb – The Chimney.

This was a great way to spend the last days of summer, loads of sun, great food and company in a beautiful setting, this will be one to remember.