I’ve been using this for: Two Months

Where?: Ski touring in the Alps

Official website: http://www.quiverkiller.com/

Quiver killers are binding inserts, meaning you can swap one pair of bindings from ski to ski without re-drilling or damaging the skis.

The skis have the inserts glued into them and you get a new set of bolts to use.

My local ski shop in Chamonix fits the system for around 40euro for a pair of skis.

Good Stuff:

You can have one set of expensive bindings, rather than a pair for each set of skis.

If you’ve ripped a binding, fitting the oversized Quiver Killer inserts will cure the damaged mounts on the ski.

It takes me about ten minutes or so to swap the bindings over from on set of skis to another and adjust them to fit my boots.

I’ve been able to try a couple of second hand skis out, at a very cheap price by using the Quiver Killer system. There’s no way I’d have bought more expensive Dynafit bindings, so the Quiver Killer system means I have more options for my skiing.

Not so good bits:

It does take a few minutes to faff around with the ski swap, so you would normally know what you were skiing the night before, rather than sorting it out in the car park.

The bolts for the toe pieces are pretty soft Philips screws, that do round off if you don’t have the correct screw driver and aren’t careful. That’s pretty annoying and I have had to get a couple of replacement screws.

If your swapping a lot like me, then you will need to reapply a loctite type glue on the threads, otherwise the toe screws rattle loose quite quickly.

I carry a small screwdriver during a longer tour to check the bolts most days.


If you want several sets of skis, or want to put two different bindings on one ski then Quiver Killers are great, especially if your on a binding budget.

If you have the cash to splash, then go ahead and buy bindings for your multiple sets of fat skis (I’m not jealous at all…)

The Quiver Killer bolts showing signs of wear.
The Quiver Killer bolts showing signs of wear.
Old skis to thrash around the rocks, thanks to my Quiver Killers
Old skis to thrash around the rocks, thanks to my Quiver Killers