We’re one month into our summer mountaineering season out here in Chamonix and already we have stood on a few fine alpine summits along with making some tricky decisions regarding conditions and route choices.

It has been an exceptionally hot and dry June, with the mountains looking and feeling like late August rather than early summer. For several days now the freezing level has been above 4000m and this heat has been loosening the rocks on the mountain, with an increased rock fall hazard on several routes.

It’s for this reason that this weeks Mont Blanc trip has moved away from Chamonix and instead are aiming to climb around the Mont Rosa massif. It’s not the plan A they were hoping for, but with nine peaks over 4000m and a night at the highest refuge in the alps (at 4500m!) it will be a proper adventure and an equally good physical mountaineering challenge as Mont Blanc.

Since we started our summer mountaineering program in late May we have had teams climbing various routes including Mont Blanc, the rocky Marbrees, Weissmies, Cosmiques Arete, Aiguille Berangere and many rock climbs in the valleys too. Although some snowy routes are not in such good condition, many of the rock climbs in the valley and on the mountain have been superb.

We still have various spaces for upcoming trips, including Alpine skills in August and Mont Blanc in September. Check out our scheduled trips page for more information.

Cosmiques Arete

The Blue Bird Cafe team out climbing on the Cosmiques Arete

Crevasse rescue training

Crevasse rescue training and practice near Punta Helbronner

Alpine Rock Climbing Guide

Abseiling off the Aiguilette Argentiere

Mont Blanc Mountain Guide

Aleks breathing some thin air before climbing Mont Blanc.

Domes du Miage Mountain Guide

The Nepal style wire bridge on the way to the Conscripts refuge

Domes du Miage Mountain Guide

Clearing skies over the Domes du Miage

Weissmies Mountain Guide

Just before the summit ridge of the Weissmies

Weissmies Mountain Guide

Descending the north side normal route on the Weissmies.