A couple of days ago I had the pleasure of sitting in my nice warm living room watching Andy Cave climbing through a torrent of spin drift on Ben Nevis.

There’s been very few good climbing films made of winter climbing, it must be such a logistically difficult activity to film. Hot Aches have done a really good job, filming a really good mixture of classic Scottish winter routes, especially around Ben Nevis, with Tower ridge taking center stage in good snowy conditions.

The back ground to the film is Andy Cave’s book “Learning to Breathe” and anyone who has read the book will identify the themes running through the film. Having said that, I don’t think its a prerequisite to read the book before watching the film.

This mixture of “proper” winter climbing with a narrative background I really enjoyed, so much better than the usual climbing films of people just climbing hard to music. Also, watching people climb well within their ability on classic routes with a interesting narrative was a great idea, I found myself listening to the background story more than the climbing at times, and back again.

Andy Cave has an interesting story, and he talks as much about Scottish winter climbing and the logical progression to the Alps and expedition climbing as his life story. If your a climber with ambitions, you will love the motivation!

If your a fan of Scottish winter climbing or someone dreaming of winter, alpinism and greater ranges climbing, you will enjoy this film.

The Hot Aches – Website.